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Elevate your listening experience. Remixd is designed to be a one stop shop for everything audio -- including Lightning and USB-C solutions, lightning cable earbuds, Graphene earbuds,iphone x earbuds. Shop for true wireless, bluetooth,best earbuds for iphone, headphones, wired earbuds and more at RemixdBrand.com. Free standard shipping on ALL orders.

True Wireless Earbuds Premium

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Elevate your listening experience with the Remixd True Wireless Earbuds. They are built with a fully integrated AudioSpektrum™ Technology for superior HD sound that's unlike anything you've ever experienced before. The auto pairing technology ensures ease-of-use and maximizes convenience.

• Up to 5 hours battery life
• Charging case provides up to 3x full charges on-the-go
• Auto pairing technology for effortless set up
• Unrivaled bass, midtones & treble frequencies
• Fully integrated AudioSpektrum™ Technology for superior HD sound
• Aqua-X Nano Coating IPX5 Rated
• Bluetooth 4.1

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